Doug Dover believes in

Originality in his music


By Michael Ward

In this uncertain

age, to be proclaimed

“the matinee idol of the future”, is a bit of a rash prediction.  It must be closely akin to being voted “the boy most likely to succeed”, with all the pitfalls that

traditionally accompany such distinctions.

However, it is easy to understand what the Detroit Free Press had in mind when it bestowed that title on Doug Dover a few years ago.  Dover was acting in those days.  He received the award for his one man lead role performance in “On the Street Where You Live”, at Detroit’s Cobo Hall.  Now he is an entertainer, but in terms of audience communication, and projection of personality, the two mediums are closely related. Perhaps he sums it all up best himself.

“I try to create as much originality as possible”, he said recently in public.  In the privacy of his own home the search for his own path takes off in another direction.  He writes his own music.  When I’m performing or

writing, I try and reflect the feelings and attitudes of the people around me.  In such a place a single act can have one of two functions.  He can provide

delightful live


background music with motion, or he can be a focal point.  Dover very definitely fills the latter.   It would be difficult for two people to get together over drinks with the object of plotting World War III, and not become more intrigued in his showmanship than their own intrigues.  This is particularly true when he picks up his guitar, an instrument he

plays with the panache of a Jose Feliciano. Prior to becoming a solo performer, Dover was in several rock groups, a role in which it is difficult to picture him now.  


Article is from the Cleveland Plain Dealer

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